Discover detailed information on each of PubMatic’s legal policies via the individual pages below.

Publisher Master Services Agreement

This Agreement is entered into by and between PubMatic and the Publisher listed on such Service Order.

Publisher Data Use Agreement

This Publisher Data Protection Addendum is entered into by and between PubMatic, Inc. and the Publisher, and forms part of all agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of this Addendum.

Supply Policy

This page highlights the general ad guidelines, minimum content requirements, banned and restricted categories, and fraud policies for PubMatic and partners.

Publisher Program Descriptions

The following provisions apply to the programs elected by publisher pursuant to the applicable service order.

CSR Policy (PubMatic India)

This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, framed in accordance with the Companies Act, demonstrates our commitment to corporate social responsibility through which we aim to align our business with the needs of society as a whole.

Additional Privacy policies can be found here; PubMatic’s Website Terms of Service can be found here.