PubMatic Cloud: Innovating the Future of Advertising

Post on June 19, 2018 by Amit Jamdade

Amit Jamdade Director, Customer Success

Programmatic advertising is undergoing major transformations at an accelerated rate. Digital advertising growth is outpacing traditional advertising, such as OOH, TV, print and radio. Brand spend is also moving toward programmatic, which means that the biggest boost is expected from branding dollars rather than performance or direct-response budgets.

As programmatic trading and technology integrations continue to grow, there has been a subsequent increase in infrastructure costs and overhead. This puts a great strain on publishers and marketers to stay ahead of the game and they often find themselves stuck in inefficient revenue share models, battling for more transparency. There are three main options they may consider:

  1. Build a proprietary programmatic platform, in-house
  2. Merge with or acquire technology companies
  3. Partner with a technology company

Challenges to In-House Programmatic Technology

Approximately 36% of marketers have already moved programmatic buying in-house while 86% of the market plan to adopt in-house programmatic buying, in some capacity, in the coming months.

Building an in-house programmatic solution is a daunting and expensive task, especially when you consider it means operationalizing in-house engineering teams, building a global infrastructure, plus integrating demand and verification partners who complement cross-screen and omni-channel strategy. Not to mention integrating ad-servers, wrappers, headers, analytics, brand safety and fraud detection tools, Data Management Platforms (DMP), viewability partners and much more. Needless to say, the to-do list is extensive!

Merging with, or acquiring, a technology company requires various levels of evaluation (i.e. business development, technology, personnel, financials) and going through the exhaustive process of integrating technology and teams.

Clearly, the first couple of options are time-consuming and expensive. The third option, however, is simpler and involves partnering with a technology company who can align with your vision, strategic thinking and execution planning.

PubMatic’s Solution to Moving In-House

PubMatic works closely with our partners to better understand their challenges so we can execute relevant solutions.

We recognize the industry trend to move in-house and the resulting complexities. PubMatic pulled on our 12+ year experience of fine-tuning our platform to innovate our “PubMatic Cloud” solution.

Let’s understand this better!

What is PubMatic Cloud? 

PubMatic Cloud is a full-stack, omni-channel, cross-screen platform which includes a suite of programmatic products and tools. Our configurable solution also comes with over 200 established DSP integrations. This technology platform is designed to empower publishers and marketers to scale up their digital business efficiently and effectively.

What does it solve for?

At a macro-level, PubMatic’s Cloud platform offers four key benefits to publishers, digital technology companies and marketers:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market:

You can launch business operations quickly without the pains of building in-house or merging with a technology company. PubMatic Cloud is also supported by 150+ engineers who are on a mission to constantly innovate, maintain and improve the platform. This allows our partners to generate incremental revenue by accessing 200+ DSPs and demand sources integrated into the system to save you time and resources.

  • Full Transparency:

Get full visibility into your transactions with PubMatic’s enterprise-grade analytics. Transparent economics and auction dynamics will enable you to make smarter business decisions and improve monetization. Given this is a key reason for moving in-house, you can gain more control without the challenges of creating your own technology.

  • Control User Experience:

The PubMatic Cloud platform has a configurable, modular architecture which includes a set of APIs to customize the technology to drive desired results. This level of control ensures quality standards are met by leveraging relationships with the leading brand safety and fraud detection tools.

  • Control Business Decisions:

We want to empower our partners with a cost-effective and efficient global infrastructure. PubMatic Cloud allows you to gain access to granular data points for optimization and better control of your advertising decisions.


Overall, PubMatic Cloud partners will benefit from flexible pricing models and incremental revenue. Additionally, Cloud users will benefit from a scalable infrastructure and greater transparency—thus providing them with more control. If you would like to learn more, check out our product page or contact us.