How Buyers Can Scale Private Marketplace Deals Across High-Quality Inventory

Post on September 17, 2015 by PubMatic



With so many players entering the programmatic space it is often difficult for buyers to navigate the layers of complexity and buy with confidence. These complexities have greatly contributed to the lack of brand safety in bid environments for advertisers and dissatisfaction with programmatic efficiencies.

A recent study from Strata found that 46 percent of agencies are “unsure” if they trust programmatic to execute ad buys. Advertisers struggle with these obstacles as they try to scale their advertising strategies across quality inventory while maintaining a brand safe environment.

Private Marketplaces (PMPs) initially arose in response to these issues, but technological limitations, difficulty in troubleshooting deal health performance and inability to scale have prevented PMPs from living up to the hype. Buyers need to be able to quickly discover qualified inventory in all formats and across all channels in private marketplaces and receive proactive deal health recommendations in order to fully realize the promise of programmatic.

PubMatic is devoted to inspiring buyer confidence by offering solutions that foster safe bid environments and tackle the workflow challenges that buyers face on a daily basis. Agencies, DSPs and ATDs can buy with confidence and optimize campaign performance in real-time with the latest version of PubMatic’s platform for buy-side partners, Media Buyer Console 2.0.

Featured Offers
Much like a storefront, the Media Buyer Console 2.0 dashboard proactively surfaces seasonal and featured offers empowering buyers to quickly discover premium inventory to reach relevant audiences.

Superior Search
The console’s search capabilities include targeted search filters and a powerful real-time offer matching function.

Deal Health Monitoring
Buyer and seller friction in private marketplaces can be substantially reduced through a set proprietary deal health tools within Media Buyer Console 2.0. Deal health monitoring provides buyers with proactive recommendations that solve private marketplace performance issues, and customization features enable buyers to select the most important metrics, so that they can improve the campaign performance of their private marketplace buys.

Industry First Campaign ID

PubMatic enables buyers to rapidly scale multi-publisher PMP packages across a single deal ID by combining multiple Deal IDs into a single Campaign ID. PubMatic’s Campaign ID brings the scale of the open exchange to the brand-safe premium environment of the private marketplace. This brings operational efficiency and scale to the PMP environment for buyers.

As the digital media landscape continues to become more complex, it is important for buyers to operate in intuitive, scalable, brand-safe environments so that they can maintain confidence in their campaigns. With this update, we’re confident we’ve created the most robust and user-friendly platform for finding quality audiences at scale in the PMP environment and allowing agencies to buy with confidence.

If you have questions about PubMatic’s Media Buyer Console 2.0 please contact your PubMatic sales representative or email us here.